Notes From Linch PCC May 4 2016

Notes from St Luke’s Linch PCC meeting on 4 May 2016

Anne Alderman and Jacqui Woodhams were re-elected as Hon Treasurer and Hon Secretary respectively.

The churchwardens reported:

  • Essential pruning and cutting back of trees and shrubs had recently been done in Linch churchyard. There is ongoing discussion as to how best to deal with uneven graves in Iping Marsh churchyard, and how to manage the ashes plot at Linch which is uneven and overgrown.  It was agreed to have a clear-up working party at Linch on 28 May and at Iping Marsh on 24 September – volunteers to help at either or both would be most welcome.
  • It appears that the cesspit problem at Linch has finally been resolved and the surrounding area has been reseeded. The damaged wall at Iping Marsh has been repaired.
  • A smart new noticeboard has been erected in the porch at Linch, thanks to Olive and John Fleming.
  • The churchwardens were to be officially installed at Easebourne on 24 May.

Lea Grocott reported that the DAC has recommended to the Chancellor that the faculty for repair of the south and west windows be granted.  Lea has received quotations for treatment of the woodworm-infested chairs.  There have been very occasional leaks via the bell tower following very heavy rain but they are manageable until repairs can be combined with other work.  Nesting birds at Linch are occasionally getting trapped in the church so a notice on the church door will ask visitors to take care to close the door securely on entering and leaving.

Bob Farwell, our Deanery Synod representative, told us that the parishes of Linchmere and Camelsdale have now joined the parish of Fernhurst and there is concern about the viability of other neighbouring congregations.

Easter collections at Linch were almost the same as in 2015.  Lent Lunches donations of £260 would be sent to the Tear Fund for reconstruction work in Nepal.  Women’s World Day of Prayer collection was £121.50 and donations following the talk on Iran were £137.

Now that repayment of loans on the Bettesworth Room are virtually complete and parish finances appear to be on a more even keel, it was suggested that the annual transfer of a set amount from the General Fund to the Fabric Fund be reinstated.  The Fabric Fund is restricted and monies in that account can only be used for repair of the church fabric.  After discussion it was agreed that any gifts/donations made specifically for the upkeep of the church fabric be deposited in the designated Fabric Fund, but that the possible creation of a non-restricted fabric fund be considered towards the end of the year.  Application of the monies in such a fund would be more flexible.

Janet Werner had volunteered to be responsible for organising the practicalities in connection with the benefice presence at the forthcoming Rural Fair: gazebo, tables and chairs, T-shirts and aprons with the St Luke’s logo.  The Milland congregation would also be bringing materials.  Janet would also be organising a plant and produce stall at the Tuxlith Art and Craft Exhibition on 18/19 June.

The new St Luke’s website, developed by Julie Ireland, was due to go live on 1 June.  Rev’d Trish asked the PCC to view it and comment.  Rev’d Trish told the meeting about a community initiative to be called Milland Cares: a directory of sources of local help.  The PCC felt that official involvement in the scheme could be problematical but they would unofficially aim to be supportive.

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