Jottings from St Luke’s Milland PCC 22 August 2016

Jottings from the St Lukes Milland PCC Meeting on 22 August.

  1. The PCC discussed the new United Benefice of Milland, Linch and Stedham with Iping, which will consist of three Parishes and four churches, Stedham with Iping already being a single Parish. Trish will be Licensed as Priest in Charge at Stedham with Iping at the beginning of September and, we anticipate that it will be in early 2017 that she is made Rector of all the churches in the new Benefice. The PCC also reviewed and agreed the Sunday service schedule for the new Benefice which can been seen on the St .Lukes Benefice web site (
  2. Churchyard: the PCC will seek approval from the Archdeacon of Horsham to replace the Leylandii trees between the new graveyard and Tuxlith green with a low beech hedge, it is hoped to do this in the autumn. The Douglas fir in the same area is also damaged and needs to be removed before it falls down. The repairs need to the metal fencing and cleaning of benches were also discussed.
  3. Church Fabric: the major issue at present is the replacement of the damaged and flaking coping (ridge) tiles which looks as if it could cost over £40,000; quotations are now being sought and grants will be applied for as current funds are only sufficient for half this amount; but this will all take some time during which the existing protective scaffolding must stay in place and is costing almost £50 per week. It is not until we start lifting tiles that we shall know the full extent of repairs required to the roof.

In addition, work to a doorway is being undertaken by Brian Porter in the Bell Tower and a number of the windows require repair and TLC and funds for this work also needs to be considered.

  1. John Dawes stated that he would be retiring from the PCC and Fabric Committee at the 2017 APCM. Trish thanked John for his contribution over many years and this was endorsed by the entire PCC.
  2. Safeguarding: the parish’s safeguarding policy is displayed inside the church and will be reviewed at each PCC meeting following the Diocesan guidelines which were circulated.
  3. The church has been approached by a West Sussex film production company regarding using St Lukes Milland and Tuxlith chapel for some filming of a childrens’ science fiction film, unfortunately Tuxlith Chapel will be having repairs carried out to its roof with contractors and scaffolding on site at the time of the proposed filming so Trish is waiting to hear if the production company wish to proceed. Dates for filming are currently 6th-8th October and fees would be £400 per day (Tuxlith roof repairs are for several weeks from Sept 12th).
  4. The PCC agreed that Baptisms, when requested, should be held within the normal Sunday morning service and that the Common Worship form of matins was more appropriate than BCP format.
  5. A proposed ‘Allocation List of Responsibilities’ was reviewed (and will be posted in the church), which highlighted the declining number of volunteers, especially for setting up the church for services. The costs of cleaning were also highlighted, and Elizabeth Cartwright will approach a number of people to see if a cleaning rota from within the congregation could be established.
  6. Sheila Pim reported on the Rake School Leavers Service on 22nd June which had gone extremely well; and Trish confirmed that the class services would recommence at the church in the new term. Sheila also reported Nicky Rhodes had left the school at the end of last term and that she had given her a small decorated cross on behalf of the church.
  7. The Treasurer reported on the funds raised at recent events; John Dawes’s son had raised £1980 at the LIBDA bike ride; the Rural fair cake stall had raised £282.50 for each church, the ‘Sanctuary Tent’ had broken even from donations and Sheila and Madeline Oram had raised £180 (£90 for each church) from sale of left over items. £310 had been received in the collection (with Gift Aid) on Back to Church Sunday which the PCC agreed to donate to ‘Voices in Exile’.
  8. The PCC agreed that the Harvest collection, along with the Gift Aid would be donated to the Bishop’s Harvest Appeal (the churches being supported in West Africa).
  9. It was also confirmed that the mats from the porch had probably been stolen and it was agreed that they be replaced with a large mat marked “Welcome to St Lukes Milland”.
  10. The next PCC Meeting will be on Wednesday 2nd November at the church.

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