St Luke’s Milland Fabric Committee Report May 2016

In the last few months Milland church has experienced some problems with the roof tiles disintegrating, which has resulted in the tape and notices that you will have seen around the Memorial garden at the side of the church.

At our recent PCC meeting John Dawes reported, on behalf of the Church Fabric Committee, on the Coping Stone (ridge tiles) Delamination and the current position, following recent further falls of masonry. The PCC agreed to the erection of scaffolding with protective planking over the Memorial Garden, whilst the situation was reviewed. This will be done in June and the costs will be £850 for an initial 12 weeks, if an extension period is required it would be at a cost of £42.50 per month. This would provide protection for the area over and around the memorial Garden and allow the current tapes etc. to be removed.

A further initial estimate of costs for the scaffolding and repairs to the Coping Stones at both the East and West ends of the roof has been supplied being ££25,000; however it is difficult to provide a detailed cost until the areas of concern can be inspected in more detail.

The PCC would ask for peoples’ understanding AND CARE when around the church as the combination of a wet/cold winter and now the air temperature rising is likely to result in further bits of ridge tile and plaster falling.

The other repair work being managed by the Milland Fabric Committee is the repair to the windows at the west end of the nave/tower which have corroded plus 4 new windows in the South Porch where the present glass is cracked or bowed and needs renewal. We have a quotation of £8,000 for this work, but the project is on hold whilst the coping tile issue is addressed. Lastly we need to waterproof the inside of the bell tower and to repair/replace the door and frame at the top of the tower as the wood is rotten, the church Fabric Committee estimate a cost of £1,500 for this work and the PCC have agreed that this work should proceed.

As people will have seen in the accounts presented at May’s APCM (copies available at the back of the church) we currently have £25,900 in the Church Fabric Fund and a further £11,263 a donated (legacy) ‘Rainy day Fund’ which could be allocated to the fabric work required, but would leave the church with little reserve should any further major works be required on the church building and, of course, the PCC is exploring grants which be applied for, recognising that the church building (and roof) is now 140 years old and has survived to date with minimal repair and maintenance required, thus we may expect to incur more such expense over the coming years.

If anyone would like more information on this situation please get in touch with one of the Churchwardens, Bob Ireland or John Dawes.

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