Notes From Linch PCC July 18 2016

Notes from St Luke’s Linch PCC meeting on 18 July 2016

Linch church will be open for the annual Sussex Historic Churches Trust Ride and Stride event on 10 September.

There was positive feedback on three recent parish events: the church gazebo at the Rural Fair proved a welcome haven from the heat and costs were exactly covered by donations; Hymns and Pimms on the rectory lawn was enjoyed by participants; our support of the Tuxlith Art and Craft Exhibition was appreciated by the organisers and the plant/produce stall run by Janet Werner raised £150.

Following launch of the benefice website it was suggested that the weekly pew sheet be posted there on the Saturday prior to the Sunday to which it refers.  The information would be helpful to those who had been unable to attend the previous week’s services.

Whilst the parish enthusiastically supports the Milland Cares initiative it had been decided, because of potential complications of administration and finance, not to bring it officially under the umbrella of the church.  The George Street Trust would be giving a grant for a laptop to help with the organisation.

The churchwardens reported that the service commemorating the Battle of the Somme was much appreciated.  Following the damage to Iping Marsh churchyard wall, the cost of which was covered by our insurers, the insurance position regarding the churchyard has now been regularised with the payment of a small additional premium.  Access to the shed where our traffic cones are stored is hazardous and it was agreed to replace the existing heavy cones with lightweight cones and additionally the access ramp will be given a non-slip covering.  Treatment of the woodworm infested chairs in the church will cost £10 per chair.  There was discussion of possible ways of raising funds to cover this but it was agreed that the treatment be carried out as a matter of urgency and funding be given more measured consideration later.

In his fabric report Lea Grocott said the faculty for window repairs has been received and requires the work to be completed within a year.  He has asked the conservators for an updated quote and thought the cost would probably be £10,000.  The chancel carpet has been removed to enable painting of the chancel step.  Trish said she prefers the appearance of the tiles but as some are broken or cracked there is potential for causing people to trip, so she will give the matter further thought.  Lea proposed a programme of gradual replacement of the church light bulbs with LEDs.

Reporting on the Deanery Synod, Trish circulated a safeguarding checklist issued by the diocese to enable parishes to check their own safeguarding measures.  She asked that this be a regular item on the PCC agenda in future.  The Midhurst food bank is seeking people in need of its support.  The diocese is asking parishes what they can afford as their parish contribution: it was felt that some wealthy parishes could help others less fortunate.  Bishop Mark has written to parishes seeking help for Syrian refugees.

Anne Alderman said the Fabric Fund stands at £11,200 and she anticipates it reaching £12,000 by the year end – welcome news in view of the repair work required to windows, gullies and stonework.  Currently the General Fund was running at a surplus of £4,000.

There is to be a benefice service followed by a barbecue at Linch on 4 September.  Harvest Festival will be on 2 October and this year’s Harvest Lunch will be hosted by Linch.  It may be held in the church as Redford Village Hall is being refurbished.  The Christmas Party is to be on 10 December.  Iping and Stedham will be invited to join us.

The Iping Marsh clear-up day has now been moved to Saturday 1 October.

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