Sermon and Pewsheet May 22

Trinity Sunday Sermon 2016

Pewsheet May 22

Sermon  (full text)  Trinity Sunday 2016 Milland and Linch

We all are more than one dimensional. We all have different characteristics.

We are able to be creative, we are able to have compassion and to show forgiveness.

We have great tenacity for life for our own survival and for the survival of others.

There are of course lots more that make up the human character.

So why shouldn’t God have more than one way of being?

The Trinity for some is confusing, but it shouldn’t be, we take it as a given that we are more than one dimension so why shouldn’t it be the same for God.

This struck me even more forcibly when I was walking up Older Hill this week, as I marvelled at what was around me I thought to myself how could all this come into being without the Triune God.

When we look at the beauty of the world we often think just of God the Father maker of heaven and earth, as our creed says. But surly none of this beauty would be given to us if we were not redeemed by the second character/ person of the trinity, God the Son, and none of this would last without, the third character/ person of the Trinity, God the Holy Spirit who sustains everything.

The three bring forth everything and hold everything into being.

As human beings “create” or make things we are forgiving of the faults that may occur, it sometimes takes a lot of patients to perfect something, so we carry on working on the project, in some respect, we redeem what we have made and then sustain it.

The obvious thing that springs to mind is having children. We create, nurture and sustain, as God, indeed does for us his children

However, we can also use another allegory.

Often as we create a piece of art in whatever medium, our skills frequently let us down and we have to forgive the imperfections and then we have to care for that piece of art for it to survive, we frame a painting or glaze a pot.

There has always been God in three persons as the wonderful hymn reminds us ‘God in three persons blessed Trinity’

And we back this up today by the reading from Proverbs. When we talk of wisdom in the Old Testament we talk of the Holy Spirit.

The reading reminds us that at the very beginning the Holy Spirit was there, before the mountains and the hills before the earth, fields and soil. When God established the heavens when he made firm the skies, when he established the deep and assigned to the sea its limit. And when God marked out the foundations of the earth I the wisdom of God, the Holy Spirit was beside him, like a master worker and daily I was his delight, rejoicing in his inhabited world and delighting in the human race.

When I was thinking all this out on Older Hill I could visualise all this and felt that there was a very thin vail between heaven and earth.

And I was overcome with the beauty around me and the presence of the Triune God. However, it’s not always easy to live with such beauty without feeling guilt. So many in this world do not look out onto beauty, many look out onto bombed buildings and a sea of tents, or rubbish tips, which they scavenge just to find things to sale. Many have had to cope with too much loss, that it’s difficult to see the beauty of life. And that isn’t just those in far off places but here on our doorstep, there is yes much beauty but also much brokenness.

Many of us are blessed but we often take it for granted, we even have the gall to moan about our lot, when we have little to moan about. So yes I did feel guilty being surrounded by so much beauty, knowing that many would never see or know such blessedness in this life.

I can only talk to you about my experience, but I would love now to have a person of faith from a place where there is brokenness to tell their story, often their story is a story of faith and hope far above what we can imagine. Their reliance on God is truly immense. But it is always the Triune God that their hope is in. There has to be hope of new creation, hope of redemption and reconciliation and hope of the sustaining Spirit.

There is one God who is Creator, redeemer and Sustainer, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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