The George Street Trust

George Street was one of the driving forces behind the building of St Luke’s Milland & Rake and the Rake Village Church of England School at the end of the 19th century. Another of his lasting legacies is the George Street Trust, which has a sum of capital under investment, the income from which was originally made available to the trustees so that they could provide assistance to those in need, who lived in either the hamlet of Rake or the ecclesiastical parish of St Luke’s Milland and Rake, and to further the religious work of the Church of England in the Parish.

In 2007 the area of benefit was expanded to encompass the civil parishes of Liss, Milland and Rogate and the full benefice of Milland & Rake and Linch with lping Marsh and the income may be used for the general benefit of the inhabitants of the area of benefit should there be income left after the application of the original purpose.

The Chairman of Trustees is The Rector of St Lukes Milland, and the churchwardens of St Luke’s Milland are ex-officio Trustees, the other trustees are representatives of the civil parishes of Rogate and Liss, plus two co-opted Trustees.

The grants given out are balanced between the twin purposes of “the religious life” of the area and “need, hardship and distress” or “the benefit of the inhabitants of the area”.

This has included grants to people in various forms of “need and hardship”, also to support the youth of the area, both individuals and clubs.

Grants were also made to the two churches to assist with the considerable costs of churchyard upkeep and the churches’ work in the community.

The local schools also have benefited from grants towards capital projects and fixtures and fittings.

Some of the grants are regular (annual) gifts, others are ad hoc and based on new requests or identified need.

The Trustees continue to consult local contacts to identify potential recipients in the case of need and all donations made are covered by complete and appropriate confidentiality.

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